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Three different and independent methods gave identical results: measure of the fluorescence lifetime, measure of solvent fluorescence intensity, and measure of solute 0 5 Concentroton, Fig. 111-5. phenyl; 15 g/lter Concentration dependency of the scintillation yield. TMQP. 0 (nsec) Decay time, 385 375 PBD (CH-C 375 PPo Butyl-PBD 342 (nm) Peak fluorescence p-Terphenyl Solute Properties of a few primary solutes Table HI-S 12 8-10 3-7 5 Optimum solute concentration (g/liter) (CH-C Solute Not normally used as primary solute, included for comparison.

2) to give (4) The scintillation efficiencies of several organic compounds for excitation by high-energy electrons have been determined experimentally, some of which are summarized in Table 11-5. 2 eV. 5E, (keV). Using this relationship, the values of NPh have been calculated for a number of different electron energies and are listed in Table 11-6. It is shown that even a 1-keV electron will, on the average, produce enough excited molecules to emit 13 photons. 1-keY electron will give an Nh greater than 1.

N. " p. 148. Academic Press, New York, 1965. 34 II Basic Processes D. L. Horrocks, Frog. Nuci. Energy Ser. 9 7, 21 (1966). R. K. Swank, in "Liquid Scintillation Counting" (C. G. Bell and F. N. ), p. 23. Pergamon, Oxford, 1958. D. L. Horrocks and M. H. Studier. Anal. Chem, 33, 615 (1961). J. A. B. Gibson and H. J. Gale, J. Sd. Instrum. 1,99 (1968). CHAPTER III SCINTILLATOR SOLUTIONS The scintillator solution (excluding the sample) is composed of a solvent (or solvents) and a solute (or solutes).

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