By William R. Sanford

When the territories of latest Mexico and Arizona turned a part of the U.S., settlers chanced on themselves in the midst of a bloody battle among the Apaches and the Mexicans. while the Apaches started to raid American settlements, the U.S. executive made up our minds the Apaches has to be restrained to reservations. Geronimo and different Apaches endured to struggle for his or her land and lifestyle during this inspiring biography.

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New York: Sterling, 2010. , 22,24 R Roosevelt, President Theodore, 42 S St. , 33 V Victorio, 24 Note To Our Readers About This Electronic Book: This electronic book was initially published as a printed book. We have made many changes in the formatting of this electronic edition, but in certain instances, we have left references from the printed book so that this version is more helpful to you. Chapter Notes and Internet Addresses: We have done our best to make sure all Internet Addresses in this electronic book were active and appropriate when this edition was created.

4 (October 1938), pp. 375—377. 3. Nelson Miles, Personal Recollections (New York: Werner, 1897), pp. 526—527. Chapter 9 1. Zachary Kent, The Story of Geronimo (Chicago: Children’s Press, 1989), p. 28. 2. Russell Shorto, Geronimo and the Struggle for Apache Freedom (Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Silver Burdett, 1989), p. 124. Glossary band—A subdivision of a tribe, often only a few dozen in number. breastworks—Low walls, often shoulder high, used in defense or ambush. cavalry—Troops mounted on horses. Chihuahua—A northern Mexican state.

From these forts, troops chased the Apaches. They had little success. S. government faced facts. The soldiers could never wipe out the Apaches. They let them live on in their own lands. The Apaches received tracts at Fort Apache, Camp Verde, Camp Grant, and Ojo Caliente. There they could learn to farm and raise livestock. Troops would protect the Apaches from hostile whites. In 1871, General George Crook told the Apaches they must move onto reservations. If they did not move by February 1872, he would attack them.

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