By T. W. Clyne

This publication provides a finished, built-in assurance of steel matrix composites, together with the history to analytical-, experimental-, production-, and application-oriented features. transparent pictorial descriptions are given of the fundamental rules governing numerous houses and features. those surround mechanical, thermal, electric, environmental, and put on habit. insurance additionally extends to fabric processing and part fabrication features and a survey of industrial utilization.

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27, pp. 93-109. 3. J. F. Nye (1985) Physical Properties of Crystals - Their Representation by Tensors and Matrices, Clarendon, Oxford. 4. T. W. Clyne (1990) A Compressibility-based Derivation of Simple Expressions for the Transverse Poissons Ratio and Shear Modulus of an Aligned Long Fibre Composite, J. Mat. Sci. , 9, pp. 336-9. 5. H. L. Cox (1952) The Elasticity and Strength of Paper and other Fibrous Materials, Brit. J. Appl. Phys. 3, pp. 73-9. 42 Basic composite mechanics 6. J. O. Out water (1956) The Mechanics of Plastics Reinforced in Tension, Modern Plastics, 33, pp.

These conditions clearly represent two extremes; in the former case the neighbouring domains offer no interaction at all, while in the latter they allow no deformation across the side-wallst3°. This is equivalent to tensile deformation of a single + This is topographically impossible, although it could be achieved if the domain were hexagonal 30 . 40 Basic composite mechanics • • i t f • i -142 MPa -14 MPa 113 MPa 241 MPa 369 MPa 137 MPa Fig. 15 Results from FEM calculations33 for 50 vol% of transverse boron fibres in an Al (6061) matrix subjected to a tensile stress of 137 MPa.

7 Predicted composite/matrix modulus ratio as a function of the fibre/ matrix modulus ratio, for composites with 30 vol% reinforcement and two different fibre aspect ratios. ) tanh(ws)/ns to become negligible. 36) in which sRM is the fibre aspect ratio needed for the modulus to approach its maximum value. 4 (cf. 1 for a typical PMC). This suggests a value for sRM of about 25 for MMCs (100 for PMCs). These values could be regarded as typical target aspect ratios in aligned composites for which the main objective is to maximise the load transfer and hence the stiffness.

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