By Fasold R., Connor-Linton J.

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The ear canal protects the eardrum, and also helps to amplify the sounds that are relevant for speech. Sound waves travel down the air in the ear canal until they reach the eardrum, which begins to vibrate. Behind the eardrum, in the middle ear, are the three smallest bones in the body (the ossicles). The patterns of vibration are transferred from the eardrum through the bones of the middle ear to the inner ear, the cochlea. This additional stage of transfer, through the middle ear, helps to amplify very soft sounds, and tone down very loud sounds.

8 Waveforms for the utterance A phoneme? 8A shows a waveform; the varying amplitude (corresponding to loudness) of the vibrations (on the y-axis) is plotted over time (on the xaxis). The duration of the utterance is one second. Above the waveform are the segments (roughly) corresponding to each part of the waveform. qxd 1/10/06 5:21 PM Page 37 pinnacle Raj01:Desktop Folder:CUUK414-fasold-sushil: The sounds of language least, and the nasals and unstressed [´] have an intermediate amplitude. The figure also shows a close-up view (magnified 12 times) of portions of the waveform.

Linguists refer to a grouping of a stressed syllable and adjacent unstressed syllables as a foot. Choosing different kinds of feet (da-DUM vs. DA-dum) is important not only in poetry, but as part of defining a language’s unfolding rhythm of speech. qxd 1/10/06 5:21 PM Page 32 pinnacle Raj01:Desktop Folder:CUUK414-fasold-sushil: 32 The sounds of language Languages in which stress is completely predictable are called fixed stress systems. ’ Other fixed stress systems may pick out just one syllable in the word as especially prominent.

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