By Barry Clarke

Frogs, toads, newts, salamanders, and the infrequent caecilians are available in a beautiful array of colours, shapes, sizes, and habitats. They reside either in water and on land and movement in a superb number of methods from swimming, to hopping, or even flying. With a sequence of particularly commissioned photos, Amphibian takes a detailed examine the attention-grabbing common historical past of those creatures from the brilliant eco-friendly, red-eyed tree frogs to ordinary, burrowing, wormlike caecilians; from startling black and yellow hearth salamanders to tiny obvious glass frogs.

Discover different habitats and existence cycles on the earth of frogs, toads, newts, and salamanders.

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50–51). Hands and feet also show where amphibians live: tree frogs have disks on their fingers and toes; “flying” frogs have disks on their fully webbed fingers and toes; aquatic frogs and toads, as well as tree-dwelling salamanders, have very broad, fully webbed feet; and burrowing frogs have short fingers on their hands and tubercles (projections of thickened skin) on their feet. Asian painted frog CLIMBING HAND, BURROWING FOOT This unusual side view of an Asian painted frog shows that it is well adapted to life on the forest floor.

But he sings his love song to Miss Piggy! Skin’s green color helps tree frog merge into background Dark markings on frog’s back match tree bark Unusual head shape helps with camouflage BONE HEAD Bony eyebrow protects eye (smaller than in most tree frogs) The skin on the heads of these two unusual tree frogs from Belize in Central America is fused to the bony, boxlike skull; this may help to reduce water loss (pp. 12–13). The tree frog protects itself from predators by backing into a hole in a tree trunk and using its head to block the entrance.

In addition to pushing the salamander forward, this alternate and opposite walking pattern pushes the middle of its body from side to side. This swaying motion, which increases with the walking speed, looks just like a baby crawling. Foot ready to lift and move forward UNDULATING CAECILIANS Foot in forward position ready for next step 2 NEXT STEP ON Most caecilians live in soft earth or in the leaf litter of the tropical rain forest floor. About 20 species live in water and swim using undulating, or wavelike, movements like the one above.

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