By Charles Denlinger and Elaine Jacobson (Auth.)

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X The degree of a monomial is the sum of the exponents occurring 3 7 7 8 on its variables. Thus 3x y z has degree 11, while 3 xy has degree 9. We shall consider any constant, like 5, to be a monomial of degree 0; indeed, 5 = 5x^. The numerical factor in a monomial is called the coefficient. 3 7 7 For example, 3x y z, has a coefficient of 3 and -9x has a coeffi­ cient of -9. Two monomials are called like terms if they contain exactly the same variables with the same exponents; only the coefficients may differ.

PV = xRT 17. y = mx + b 18. y = llx+4 19. y-x = y+x 20, 21. y +3xy- 4 = 0 22. 2 s= 2 54. 23. The formula for temperature conversion is C + 32 where F is degrees Fahrenheit and C is degrees Celsius or Centigrade. (a) Solve this equation for C. (b) What is the Fahrenheit temperature when the Celsius temperature is 10°? (c) What is the Celsius temperature if the Fahrenheit temperature is 86°? (d) 24. Is there any temperature at which the Fahrenheit degrees equals the Celsius degrees? Use an equation to find out.

39. 40. i . [i - ( i . (i 51. 1 INTRODUCTION If 2 is substituted in the equation 3x- 2 = 4 the two sides become equal. We say that x = 2 is a solution of the equation. The following operations are helpful for finding the solu­ tions of an equation: I. II. The same quantity may be added to or subtracted from both sides of an equation. Both sides of an equation may be multiplied (or divided) by the same non-zero quantity. EXAMPLE 1 Solve for x: 4x- 7 5 4x 12 x 3 We have solved for x. (adding 7 to both sides) (dividing both sides by 4) 52.

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