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Emissions of gaseous air pollution have elevated within the final years despite elevated controls and quandary for air caliber. Predictions of destiny improvement additionally point out additional raise in emissions needs to be anticipated. From an intensive research of gas use in traditional energy vegetation in and for family heating, Brocke and Schade (1971) and Schade (1975) are expecting that sulfur dioxide (S02) emissions within the Federal Republic of Germany increases from '3. five million t in 1969, over four. 2 million t in 1973, to four. 6 million t in 1980. Rasch (1971) predicts that emission of hydrogen chloride (HCI) from burning of wastes increases from a gift 8000 t/year to approximately a hundred thousand t in 1980. Emission of gaseous fluoride compounds, in North Rhine Westphalia on my own, are anticipated to extend from 7500 t in 1969 to 8800 t in 1985 (MAGS, 1972). comparable predic­ tions have additionally been made within the united states (Heggestadt and Heck, 1971). A doubling of S02 emissions from oil and especially coal-fired energy vegetation is predicted among 1960 and 1980 (Wood, 1968; Lewis et aI. , 1974). while it's thought of that overall keep watch over of air pollution is technically and particularly economically very unlikely, it will be significant that, sooner or later, emissions are managed inside of a technical and fiscal framework to such an volume that ambient pollutant concentrations close to the floor current no risk to guy or his surroundings (BImSchG, 1974).

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At the lowest level of 29% reI. humidity, there was no visible injury. From observations on various plant species, Zahn comes to the conclusion that the S02 sensitivity curve climbs slowly between 30 and 60% relative humidity and rapidly above 60%. , 1932). Thomas and Hendricks (1956) report that sensitivity is reduced to one tenth when relative humidity drops from 100% to almost 0%. The extent to which S02 uptake and degree of injury are dependent on humidity is exemplified by the following growth chamber experiment with red clover (T.

In dicots, for example bush bean ( P. vulgaris nanus), the critical stage of development is also in the time between blooming and early ripening. Injury to the cotyledons can also have a severe effect on yield. Observations in the field have shown this to be particularly true for beets exposed to gaseous fluoride compounds. Different changes in sensitivity, due to various stages of development of single plant species, can result in a shifting or even reversal of resistance relationships of various plants to one another, as Guderian (1966 b) has shown in fumigation experiments with oat cultures overgrown with wild mustard (Sinapis arvensis) ; (Fig.

Apparent photosynthesis of winter barley dependent on frequency and length of exposure to Sal at a constant concentration Appar. , _--f---- -- -----~­ 50 t---H~,/~-~---+--~r---+----r--~ / ___ ___ ___ ill ,-. N ........................................................................... IMinutesl. 17. 8 mg SOlim3 air for different times. 8mg Sal Experiments demonstrate that recovery can occur during pollutant-free periods. However, at a particular concentration, such a recovery is only possible when a definite exposure duration has not been exceeded.

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