By Jack B. Hardy

A booklet approximately writing experience video games in 3 diversified programming languages: Pilot, Microsoft easy, and Atari 8K simple

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Add arrows to show the possible directions in which he or she can go. The commands below are conditional and will only print an arrow if the variable for that direction is more than zero. The equivalent statement in BASIC would be IF/THEN. Example: IF N>O THEN PRINT . . T(#N>O): ... 1530 1540 1550 1560 1570 1580 1590 1600 1610 1620 1630 POS:21,10 T (ttN)O) : [esc POS:20,11 T(ttW)O):[esc POS:22,11 T(ttE)O):[esc POS:21,12 T(ttS)O):[esc POS:29,11 T(ttU)O):[esc T(ttO)O):[esc esc/esc ctrl -] esc/esc ctrl +] esc/esc ctrl *] esc/esc ctrl =] esc/esc ctrl esc/esc ctrl =] -] <*)RUN Jump to input routine, position cursor, accept input, and compare to valid commands.

If the bottle has been picked up, #B will be equal to I and the program will jump to a routine to tell the player so. If not, it will set the #B status variable to 1, tell the player OK (to pick the bottle up), and return to BLACKBEARD'S TREASURE 27 Location I to acquire updated information. 2260 2270 2280 2290 2300 2930 2940 2950 2960 2970 2980 2990 tTAKEl J(#B<>O):tHAVE C:#B=l U:tOK J:*LOCATIONl *HAVE T: YOU ALREADY HAVE! J:tCLEARBOTTOM tOK T: OKAY~ PA:60 E: Since the bottle can now be picked up in Location L the message there will have to be changed from A BOTTLE BURIED IN THE SAND to something else.

You will note that many of the messages the HALLS OF DEATH 39 program relays are encrypted to make the game more fun to play. Although they are printed in readable form for the player, anyone keying in the program will have less understanding of what is happening and therefore have more fun when the adventure can finally be played. THE OBJECTIVE To explore the Halls of Death, to find an invisible Golden Treasure Chest, and to return to room number 1. ) THE OBJECTS NOTE: I$(n) will contain the name of each item and I(n) will hold the room number.

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