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If the latency increases or the data rate decreases too much then the information becomes unusable. Priority traffic (such as situational awareness updates) is typically of fixed size and has low latency, high guarantee requirements. Finally best effort traffic (such as email or file transfer) does not have any specific quality of service requirements. Therefore for each data link not only description of how to transfer digital user data is important but also how to try and provide quality of service requirements.

This is because IP traffic is typically bursts and a dedicated access scheme will end up with an underutilised network. Dedicated access can be used to ensure applications such as video or audio have the required bandwidth to support their use, and should only be granted on demand. Initially the network management system will grant: a portion of its timeslots to the ‘crossover’ nodes for them to use (under the time-slot reallocation scheme), a portion of its timeslots to all of the terminals within the local network under a contention access scheme, and possibly keep a portion of timeslots in reserve for requests for dedicated access.

A ‘circuit’ describes the source terminal, the destination terminal(s), whether the message is to be relayed, and what the destination multicast address of the data packet in the circuit should be. As this is a broadcast radio system the list of destination terminals is really only used to filter the results (if a node is not listed as a receiver then it will not try to capture the transmission) there is no reason why they all couldn’t receive the broadcast, however each circuit then need to be defined as broadcast and leave the filtering of the received packet to a higher level protocol outside of the terminal.

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