By National Research Council, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, National Materials Advisory Board, Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems, Committee on Advanced Fibers for High-Temperature Ceramic Composites

High-temperature ceramic fibers are the major parts of ceramic matrix composites (CMCs). Ceramic fiber homes (strength, temperature and creep resistance, for example)-along with the debonding features in their coatings-determine the houses of CMCs. This document outlines the cutting-edge in high-temperature ceramic fibers and coatings, assesses fibers and coatings when it comes to destiny wishes, and recommends promising avenues of analysis. CMCs also are mentioned during this report back to supply a context for discussing high-temperature ceramic fibers and coatings.

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Because of their damage tolerance, CMCs perform well when they are subjected to thermal loads. However, because of their low UTSs, they are less robust upon inertial loading. Almost all of the applications envisaged for the near-term implementation of CMCs are, therefore, dominated by thermal loading requirements. The greater challenges of using CMCs in inertially loaded components should be deferred until field experience has been gained for thermally loaded components. , gas temperature in a turbine engine), but also on material properties and thermal boundary conditions.

However, larger grains of α-SiC have been found on some fracture surfaces after heat treatments at 1,500°C (2,732°F) and higher, suggesting that transformation of β-SiC to α-SiC with accompanying exaggerated grain growth—is the cause of reduced strength. The relatively new, amorphous Si-B-N-C fiber produced by Bayer has been reported to show promise for use at high temperatures. For example, it has been reported that the Bayer fiber has excellent thermal stability, remaining amorphous after extensive heat treatments of up to 1,800°C (3,272°F) in an inert environment.

The effects on fiber properties of exposure to composite fabrication conditions can be simulated by a relatively short exposure of fibers to high temperatures in an inert or reducing environment. • The effects of decomposition of polymer-derived fibers in long-term service in inert or reducing conditions can be simulated by long-term exposure to such environments at temperatures above the pyrolysis condition. • The effects of oxidation on the SiC, C, or Si-N-C phases have been simulated by short- to long- term exposure in air or oxygen.

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