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Some species have been reported as absorbing organic particles, swept into the gullet by the flagellum, in this region. g. amongst algae, locomotion is by 'euglenoid movement', Euglena shows positive phototaxis, though it moves away from particularly strong light. Cultures of Euglena congregate in optimum Stigma Gullet Nucleu Nucleolus Structure of Euglena Paramylum granules (a relatively short chain polysaccharide). mitochondria etc. 35 concentrations (showing sensitivity to) 0 2 and C0 2 , salinity and pH, though the sensory mechanisms are unknown.

300 nm x 15 nm rod-shaped 15 nm diameter spherical 300 nm x 40 nm brick-shaped 80 nm diameter sphere + 100 nm rod core ~Nucleic Viruses differ from Bacteria in: Tobacco mosaic virus in a leaf cell. The tube-like protein cylinder can be seen (with end views arrowed) . x 170,000. D. ) 6. Parasitic bacteria are intercellular in the host, viruses intracellular. 7. g. poliomyelitis in nerve, common cold m mucus membrane. 8. <\ · ~ ~ Q~ lysis of host cell, li berat i ng virus Latent phase, no vrrus detectabl e Q ~,/ Full ol virus, product ol host cell metabolism Diagram of the viral life cycle produce disease symptoms by cellular derangement or toxins released when infected cells burst.

Facultative anaerobes, are aerobes that can modify their respiration in anaerobic conditions. CO 2 +H 2 S +light CH 2 O+H 2 0+2S (carbohydrate precursor) (b) Chemosynthesis, initial energy for substrate synthesis comes from oxidation of inorganic substances. g. , free-living in soil, and Rhizobium spp. symbiotic in legume roots. PUTREFACTION Saprophytic bacteria secrete cellulases (cellulose to hexoses ), pro teases (proteins to amino acids) and lipases (fats to fatty acids and glycerol), which digest dead organic material.

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