By David Madsen, David Rhode

David Madsen is the previous division Chair of Drafting expertise and an teacher at Clackamas neighborhood university, a licensed AutoCAD. education heart in Oregon urban, Oregon. he's additionally a former member of the Board of administrators of the yankee layout Drafting organization.

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In Search of the Ancestral Northern Shoshone Richard N. Holmer 179 22. The Numic Occupation of Western Colorado and Eastern Utah during the Prehistoric and Protohistoric Periods Alan D. Reed 188 23. Betwixt and Between the Basin and the Plains: The Limits of Numic Expansion Mary Lou Larson and Marcel Kornfeld 200 Part IV. Summary 24. Where Are We? David Rhode and David B. 2 General location of the NUA protolanguage groups in the Mojave Desert ca. P. 3 General location of Numic and Takic groups in the Mojave Desert ca.

Why did Steward's hypothesis fail? Quite simply, Steward's hypothesis did not survive the radiocarbon revolution (Baumhoff 1958b; D. Fowler 1986). Radiocarbon dating of the material culture represented in Lovelock Cave (Loud and Harrington 1929) and in Oregon (Cressman et al. 1942) demonstrated its great antiquity relative to the Basketmaker material of the Southwest (Cressman 195 ) and reversed Steward's developmental scheme. The Lovelock Cave material was not derived from Basketmaker to become Shoshonean, but was instead a basal complex quite possibly ancestral to later Basketmaker.

These reasons imply that the problem lies specifically with the current status of Numic studies, that as we learn more and apply ourselves more rigorously to the problem, it will be solved. Perhaps so, but we believe that the disagreements about Numic prehistory also stem from larger unresolved issues, not limited to the Numic case, but common to anthropology as a whole. Paramount among these is the age-old problem of the relationship between the kinds of information used to construct models of prehistory, especially the relationship between material culture and language as well as between biological affinity and ethnicity.

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