By Norman L. R. Franks, Frank W. Bailey, Russell Guest

Above the traces: an entire list of the Fighter Aces of the German Air provider, Naval Air carrier and Flanders Marine Corps 1914-1918

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Trench Warfare WWI (2) 1916-1918

Osprey's exam of trench war strategies in the course of global battle I (1914-1918). The Allied try and holiday the stalemate of trench conflict through the 'big pushes' of 1916 ended in vastly expensive battles of attrition. The Germans spoke back via constructing schemes of defence extensive anchored on concrete bunkers; the Allies, via subtle artillery strategies in aid of infantry attacks, and through the advent of the tank - at the beginning an accident-prone novelty, yet later a front-breaking weapon.

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What was the point of it all? When we joined up we had no doubts. Now war seemed to me to be just a useless waste of life and limb and it didn’t matter how brave you were. In fact, as one man had said about the Turks, ‘e braver they were, the faster they fell’. In the days that followed I tried to put such things out of my head and returned to the other world around me. I made a few visits to Cairo south of Heliopolis. e six miles to Cairo is covered at a good pace, as the train service is electric and very fine.

Could be told and I know he was amply repaid with the knowledge that he was loved by fifty of the toughest, brownest Australians in Egypt. He was later awarded the Military Cross, wounded in action and promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel. Alexandria is more civilized than Cairo, being populated more densely by Europeans. ere were many ways in which we found amusement. Some were hardly a credit to us, but when one remembers we had to match wits with the Egyptians we can be forgiven—I think.

Indd 36 30/11/2004 1:35:33 PM War on the Peninsula 37 Medical staff on board ship. As we moved in to Watson’s Pier the scene confronting us was one of total confusion, or so it seemed to us. e Cove was cluttered with men, horses, ammunition boxes and equipment, almost completely filling the small beach. Many of the boxes were stacked up to provide cover from occasional enemy fire. However, as soon as we pulled up at the pier, willing hands appeared and relieved us of our supplies and then helped the wounded onto the barge—some walking and some on stretchers.

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