By Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, Oussama Hijazi, Jean-louis Milhorat, Andrei Moroianu, Sergiu Moroianu

The e-book provides an common and finished advent to Spin Geometry, with specific emphasis at the Dirac operator, which performs a basic function in differential geometry and mathematical physics. After a self-contained presentation of the elemental algebraic, geometrical, analytical and topological elements, a scientific learn of the spectral homes of the Dirac operator on compact spin manifolds is conducted. The classical estimates on eigenvalues and their restricting circumstances are mentioned subsequent, highlighting the delicate interaction of spinors and certain geometric constructions. a number of functions of those rules are offered, together with spinorial proofs of the optimistic Mass Theorem or the category of optimistic Kähler-Einstein touch manifolds. illustration concept is used to explicitly compute the Dirac spectrum of compact symmetric areas. The specific gains of the publication comprise a unified remedy of and conformal spin geometry (with unique emphasis at the conformal covariance of the Dirac operator), an outline with proofs of the idea of elliptic differential operators on compact manifolds in keeping with pseudodifferential calculus, a spinorial characterization of particular geometries, and a self-contained presentation of the representation-theoretical instruments wanted so that it will recognize spinors. This e-book might help complicated graduate scholars and researchers to get extra acquainted with this gorgeous, even though now not sufficiently recognized, area of arithmetic with nice relevance to either theoretical physics and geometry. A e-book of the eu Mathematical Society (EMS). disbursed in the Americas via the yank Mathematical Society.

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1/2 D 1, ei2 D 1, and ei  ej D ej  ei , 1  i; j  n, i ¤ j , we see that €n is finite and j€n j D 2nC1 . 13). /; / for some Cln -invariant automorphism A. The representation of the Clifford algebra on †n being irreducible, A has to be a constant multiple of the identity by the Schur lemma. 2. 36. x  1 ; 2 / D Proof. Let x be in Rn n f0g. 35. 37. nc ; †n / of Spinn and Spincn , respectively, are unitary for the above Hermitian product on †n . Finally, it is often useful to have an explicit description of the spinor representation.

On the other hand, ! C (which has odd degree), is real for n  3 and n  7 mod 8, and purely imaginary for n  1 and n  5 mod 8. Thus j commutes (resp. anti-commutes) with the Clifford product by real vectors for n  3 and n  7 mod 8 (resp. n  1 and n  5 mod 8). This, by the way, corroborates the fact (visible on the table of Clifford algebras) that the representation of the whole complex Clifford algebra is quaternionic for n  3 mod 8, and real for n  7 mod 8. Case II: n even. The complex spin representation splits into the direct sum of spin half-representations †n D †C n ˚ †n .

Is an algebra of quaternionic matrices for n  2 mod 8, and of real matrices for n  6 mod 8, we obtain that jH is Cln -equivariant for n  2 mod 8 and jR is Cln -equivariant for n  6 mod 8. Finally, for n  4 mod 8 (resp. n  8 mod 8), Cln 1 is the direct sum of two copies of some algebra of quaternionic (resp. real) matrices, so each half-spin representation †˙ n carries a quaternionic (resp. real) structure j˙ . Moreover, the direct sum jC ˚ j acting on †n is Cln -equivariant since Cln has the same quaternionic (resp.

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