By Hurley P.J.

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Disjunctive syllogisms, arguments based on mathematics, arguments from definition. c. Causal inferences, arguments from definition, predictions. d. Arguments from analogy, arguments from authority, hypothetical syllogisms. 30 e. Categorical syllogisms, arguments from authority, predictions. ANS: A PTS: 2 37. Which of the following are all conclusion indicators? a. Implies that, accordingly, since. b. For the reason that, it follows that, inasmuch as. c. Therefore, for this reason, entails that.

Campbell and Jane B. Reece, Biology, 6th edition a. Argument; conclusion: Genetics and cell biology ... agriculture. b. Argument; conclusion: Molecular biology ... dispersal of early humans. c. Nonargument. d. Argument; conclusion: Neuroscience and evolutionary biology ... sociology. e. Argument; conclusion: Modern biology is as important as it is inspiring. ANS: E PTS: 2 14. The farther away we look in distance, the further back we look in time. This fact allows us to see what parts of the universe looked like in the distant past.

Argument; conclusion: An order of Mucho Grande Nachos ... 82 fat grams. b. Nonargument. c. Argument; conclusion: Most fast foods are loaded with fat grams. d. Argument; conclusion: KFC's Chunky Chicken Pot Pie has 42 fat grams. e. Argument; conclusion: A Double Whopper with Cheese has 65. ANS: C PTS: 2 8. Education in the United States is a system in crisis. Compared to their Asian and European counterparts, American students are poor academic performers, especially in sciences and in mathematics.

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