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Calabi-Yau Manifolds and Related Geometries

This booklet is an accelerated model of lectures given at a summer season college on symplectic geometry in Nordfjordeid, Norway, in June 2001. The unifying characteristic of the publication is an emphasis on Calabi-Yau manifolds. the 1st half discusses holonomy teams and calibrated submanifolds, targeting certain Lagrangian submanifolds and the SYZ conjecture.

Geometric Formulas

6-page laminated advisor comprises: ·general phrases ·lines ·line segments ·rays ·angles ·transversal line angles ·polygons ·circles ·theorems & relationships ·postulates ·geometric formulation

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A very useful tool for the calculations to come is the group ring Zƒ of the weight lattice ƒ considered as an additive group with coefficients in Z. Elements of the group ring Zƒ are appropriately thought of as finite formal sums of terms ce with c 2 Z and 2 ƒ, because the naive multiplication of such formal sums agrees with the standard convolution product in the group ring Zƒ. dim E /e ch V WD 2ƒ where E is the generalized complex eigenspace of the action of the maximal torus on V : E WD fv 2 V ˝R C j H ?

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