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Gragg translates: "Meantime in front of the steps of St. Peter's there was bUilt a great pyre of dry wood, on top -------- .. ~~-. 52 of which was placed an effigy of Sigismundo imitating the [wicked and accursed] man's features and dressed so exactly that it seemed a real person rather than an image. But that no one should make any mistake about it, an inscription issued from the figure's mouth, which read: SIGISMUNDO MALATESTA, SON OF PANDOLFO, KING OF TRAITORS, HATED OF GOD AND MAN, CONDEMNED TO THE FLAMES BY VOTE OF THE HOLY SENATE.

Pound compares the quiet dignity of the old sarcophagi outside San Vitale to the con· glomeration of styles in the Tempio. 77. Ottavian: Ottaviano, a painter commis- sioned to illuminate the papal bull allowing Glossary Canto X st. Sigismund. 78. Agostino: A. di Duccio, 1418·1481, Florentine sculptor who worked on the sar- 79. et amava ... " This tribute to Isotta is a composite of several sources: Pius II, Commentaries; a 15th·century chronicle of Rimi· ni; constans in proposito [L] is from Hor· ace, Odes III, 3; Pound also uses it in relation to J.

He made two dollars and a half per week. He saw the sheeny girls on the East Side who lunch on two cents worth of bread and sausages, and dress with a flash on the remain- der. He nearly died of it. Then he got a rise. He made fifteen dollars per week selling lllSurance. He wore a monocle with a tortoise·shell rim. ' No lord in The Row has surpassed him. " 12. Dos Santos: Prob. a Portuguese mer- chant. " But since Dos Santos tIon Baldy outlined and tried to get his father and Aunt Frank to invest in it [NS, Life, 90].

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