By Frederick G. Bohme, United States. Bureau of the Census

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After correcting the position dependence, δtdiff = 212 and 218 ps (FWHM) have been obtained from the data of 3800-MeV 40 Ar and 2420-MeV 22 Ne, respectively. By assuming δtJ1 = δtJ2 , δtav is related to δtdiff as δtav = δt2J1 + δt2J2 δtdiff = , 2 2 33 which results in 106 and 109 ps (FWHM) for 40 Ar and 22 Ne, respectively. A silicon position sensitive detector (Si-PSD), Hamamatsu S2461, was used to measure the horizontal positions of the particles at F2. The Si-PSD is a strip detector consisting of 48 p-type silicon strips and an n-type silicon base with 250-µm thickness.

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