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How much depakote to get high

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Depakote divalproex 250mg.

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Information about Depakote.

Applies to divalproex sodiumoral capsule delayed releaseoral syruporal tablet delayed releaseoral tablet enteric coatedoral tablet extended release.

Do not stop using this medicine without your doctor’s adviceStopping suddenly may cause a seriouslife-threatening type of seizure.

Blacktarry stools bleeding gums bloating or swelling of the facearmshandslower legsor feet blood in the urine or stools confusion cough or hoarseness crying delusions dementia depersonalization diarrhea difficult or labored breathing dysphoria euphoria fever or chills general feeling of discomfort or illness headache joint pain loss of appetite lower back or side pain mental depression muscle aches and pains nausea nervousness painful or difficult urination paranoia pinpoint red spots on the skin quick to react or overreact emotionally rapid weight gain rapidly changing moods runny nose shakiness in the legsarmshandsor feet shivering sleepiness or unusual drowsiness sore throat sweating tightness in the chest tingling of the hands or feet trembling or shaking of the hands or feet trouble sleeping unusual bleeding or bruising unusual tiredness or weakness unusual weight gain or loss vomiting.

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unsure just because you have not had a migraine in 6 days being off depakote, doesn t mean your migraines won t return.




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